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Here is where you can find the latest information about facilities projects. More will be added as projects are defined.

School Update

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Project Meeting Change:  Cancelled until further notice  

Main Building:  The minimal work for inside the building has begun.  Hallways and some rooms were painted.  Carpets will be cleaned after construction.  Non-bearing walls are constructed and is awaiting drywall on the 3rd floor.  Carpet in first floor classrooms are being removed and dry wall hung.  Main building project is on schedule with completion by the end of July.

Portables:  A slight delay with the classroom portables has occurred. Materials are on order and city permitting is in process.  Even with the delay, we expect completion by the start of school.  Contracts are being negotiated to construct the portables and to expedite construction time-line.  Expected start date: 19 July   

Playground/Field Area:  Great progress in this area.  Fence will be installed after 1 July by a contractor.  Top soil is being spread for the field and grass fields.   

Volunteer Needs:  Our volunteer needs are less than expected because of contract services but we still need help.  We have created a call out volunteer team to contact parents for help.  If you want to volunteer and you don't know who to call, please contact Patty Wilbanks at 244-4800.  See Calendar and specific project link for dates and needs.   Volunteer call team will solicit volunteers as needed. 

Volunteer needs currently known for the summer:  
  • Clean up work inside main building
  • Install insulation in portables.  
  • Lay shingles on roof of portables.   

Sign-Up now online

posted Apr 26, 2010, 10:17 PM by

All volunteers are encouraged to sign up online for your availability. Use the calendar on the projects page to get an idea of upcoming efforts. You can help us out by then signing up to volunteer for those days where we need help. Check the event details to see how many people are needed, and how many have signed up. Thanks for helping out!

Kickoff and Volunteers

posted Apr 25, 2010, 11:45 PM by

Volunteer drive and kickoff event was successful in generating around 100 volunteer forms. Those are being assembled and will provide the resources to draw upon during our relocation efforts. If you're on the list, standby for further information on dates for our major efforts. Thank You for your support.

Project 1,2,3 created

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Check the project pages. 

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