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Project3 - Portable Construction

We endeavor to build portable classroom structures. The site already has a site plan for four of these modules, and the electric service is already available. We will receive our buildings in kit form, with "some assembly required." 

What are the Dates?

The portable construction is delayed due to funding/contracting issues.  Good news is that everything is resolved and materials are on order. Permits are being coordinated through the city.  Due to the time delay and to accelerate the project, we are hiring a construction team to build the portables.  The portables will arrive in a kit with the walls prefabricated for easy installation.  A crew of framers should have the buildings weathered in within four days.  Materials are expected to arrive mid-July with an expected completion date before school start. 

What is needed for volunteers?

Experienced Carpenters:  Build handicapped ramps and supplement hired contract team for framing. 

Shingle roofs:  Need a team of six people to roof the portables.    

Install Insulation:  Need a team of 6-8 to install insulation in portables.  

Flooring - 4 people to lay laminate squares.  Carpet will be installed by contractor. 


Who do I Contact?

The Project Lead for this effort is Brett Wilbanks-529-2993 . If you have project management experience, and would like to take a leadership role in our school, please contact me with your interest.