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Project1 - Pack & Move


  1. 1 Update:


ASD has stepped up and is moving the school.  Due to liability concerns, they want no parent volunteer help until we are moved into the school completely.  What this means is that late in the summer, we will need help moving boxes and furniture in the school to its final destination.  We are attempting to move everything to where it will belong, but due to remodeling and portable construction, this is not completely possible. 

Dates to Remember:
Early August, we will need your help making sure the teachers have what they need for the new school year.  We can use your help.

Who do I Contact?

The Project Lead is Todd Manning, with alternate Jeff Lentfer. Amanda Marley is the Move Coordinator on-site at the school. All resource donations and coordination should go through the project team. When working on the move effort at the school, you will most likely check in with Amanda.

Susan Rorison is the library move coordinator.  She will be the brains behind the library move, but will need much help packing books and labeling boxes.

Stay tuned into the RSV newsletter.  It will contain move updates and changes.

Apr 26, 2010, 3:46 PM